Sunday, November 16, 2008

Waiting on the LORD

Stephen and I are continuing on our long journey of waiting on the LORD.
I find it interesting that since submitting our applications, one theme has been ever present in all bible-studies, sermons, and conversations I have: patience.

This fall, I have been involved in a women's bible-study through our church. We have been studding the first notable women of the bible: Eve, Sarah, Hagar, Rebecka, Leah, and Rachael. Each week there has been a new variation on be patient. Each woman learned to trust on the promises of the LORD, to not try to take matters in her own hands, and to be joyful with today; not strive towards tomorrow.

It has been nice to see that I am not alone in my impatience. Each woman waited much longer than I for what God has called them to.

From week to week, hearing the same theme, I began to think, OK God, I get it. I've got to be patient. Yet the next week the theme would continue, never the same way, always a variation on how patience looks lived out. I realized I must not be getting it if God has to keep telling me. :P
I kept thinking I was being patient for Patience's sake. Then, last week God spoke to my heart through the speaker: Second only to suffering, Patience is the greatest teacher.

I am not waiting for an answer from Asian Access simply because of timing, God has something to teach me through waiting on Him.

OK Lord, My heart is listening.
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