Tuesday, March 10, 2009

off to camp we go

Stephen and I are heading to church camp this weekend. It seems like we just got back from High school winter camp and already it's time to go with the college-age/ young adult group. We had so much fun with our high schoolers last month, but it will be nice to go in the capacity of a camper and not a counseler this time. there is just something nice about being able to sit back and listen to the message with out wondering how you are you to talk to students about it in a few minutes. Stephen has a plan to win all the trivia games since he knows the answers already. I'm sure I'll have to hold down his arm when they are looking for contestants.

Hopefully this time we will come back down the mountain without a new souvenier. Last trip, Stephen and I both came back with a horrible flu that I am still battling a month later.
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