Thursday, February 25, 2010

On Board with Asian Access

Each month our home church, Trinity Presbyterian, selects one ministry to highlight in the bulletin and at the missions table. For the month of February, that ministry has been Asian Access. 

Stephen and I have been delighted to  share Asian Access' ministry each Sunday in February. We've had a chance to share about the pictures on our board, pass out our prayer cards, and talk to our church family about all A2 is doing in Japan, as well as what we will be doing when we get there. 
Thanks to Asian Access' website, and blogs of other missionaries, we were able to share ministry in Japan, even though we are still State-side. 

This Sunday will be our last day at the missions table. If you're at Trinity, stop by and say hi! 

If you would like to know more about Asian Access, and can't make it on Sunday, shoot me an e-mail at 
or check out the Asian Access website at

Saturday, February 20, 2010

the pack-rat within

My dad has been gracious enough to store all my and my sister's childhood momentos for the last 20 something years. However, since he has just sold his house, I got the invitation to come sort through every box. As a bonus, since my sister is away at law school, I got to sort through her stuff too. 
It has been a very exciting, stressful, and historic day.

 If I had my way, my inner pack-rat would take over and every box would remain intact, with little thrown out. Of course, I don't have the luxury of giving in to my inner pack-rat. Not now that we are planning on moving half way around the world. But it's probably for my own good that I didn't keep the box of sand art sculptures I made, or the 2 bags of teddy bears and baby dolls, or even all my math and spelling tests from elementary school.  

I did make sure to keep the box of Barbies and Barbie clothes (some made by my grandmother) and two mix tapes I made in the Nineties ( which I am listening to on my first boom-box ever! at the moment :)  ). The rest is either being picked up for my sister by my mom, or picked up by Salvation Army next week.

I am just glad to be done sorting until closer to our move. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

from across the ocean

We just returned from a weekend at Hume Lake Christian Camp with our highschoolers. I hope to post a video or maybe some pictures soon. But for now I wanted to share a quick story on the Lord's providence. 

Over the summer one of our high school girls  decided (with her mother) to have a foreign exchange student come live with them this year. It was a really spur of the moment decision, but they felt God telling them they needed to house this girl. 
A few weeks later N showed up from Holland. N came from a Christian family (which is a rarity in post-Christian Holland), although she herself did not claim a relationship with Jesus. 

over the course of the year, N has been attending our youth group, and hanging out with our kids, and decided to come with us to winter camp. 

This weekend, Valentine's day, 2010, N made a decision to be baptized. 

I was overcome when I thought about the lengths God went to to bring her into His family. A new country, a new family, a new church, and a trip to camp. What a beautiful story this girl has. What a testimony to the love of our Lord!
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