Saturday, February 20, 2010

the pack-rat within

My dad has been gracious enough to store all my and my sister's childhood momentos for the last 20 something years. However, since he has just sold his house, I got the invitation to come sort through every box. As a bonus, since my sister is away at law school, I got to sort through her stuff too. 
It has been a very exciting, stressful, and historic day.

 If I had my way, my inner pack-rat would take over and every box would remain intact, with little thrown out. Of course, I don't have the luxury of giving in to my inner pack-rat. Not now that we are planning on moving half way around the world. But it's probably for my own good that I didn't keep the box of sand art sculptures I made, or the 2 bags of teddy bears and baby dolls, or even all my math and spelling tests from elementary school.  

I did make sure to keep the box of Barbies and Barbie clothes (some made by my grandmother) and two mix tapes I made in the Nineties ( which I am listening to on my first boom-box ever! at the moment :)  ). The rest is either being picked up for my sister by my mom, or picked up by Salvation Army next week.

I am just glad to be done sorting until closer to our move. 

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