Tuesday, February 15, 2011

it's been too long!

Sorry I'm so lame about updating you all about the past few weeks in Sapporo. We are still without internet, but I have decided to blog a bit from church before I run some errands.

Our first week, we were staying with the M Family. They have 2 young daughters and Stephen had a lot of fun playing with the youngest girl, F.
As hard as it was for Stephen to leave behind his new friend, we're really glad to still be in the same city, and look forward to hanging out with their family in the future.


We moved into our apartment last week and are still in the process of getting settled in. Everything here is a feet to accomplish. Even buying groceries takes a serious amount of brain power. I am glad to have things more set up than a few days ago, and look forward to making more progress as the weeks go on.

Sunday, we attended our first services at our church in Sapporo. The congregation is very young, mostly college students. We felt very welcomed at all three campuses. I didn't feel right taking pictures our first day. But I will post some as soon as I get them.

Monday, is couples day for Stephen and me. The past few sundays we were able to take the subway or bus to see some of the sights. Last Monday, we saw the Sapporo Snow Festival.

Valentines day, we went to the Maruyama zoo.


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