• Why Japan?
Japan is a country of 126 million people with less than 1% knowing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. 4,500 people will die in Japan today and enter eternal separation from God. These figures break our hearts, along with that of our loving Heavenly Father, and we have been called to take the Gospel to the Japanese people.
Modern Japanese are adrift on a sea of rapid social change, and society offers little hope. The suicide rate in Japan is the highest of any industrial nation. Alcoholism is so prevalent that it is the norm. Families are increasingly dysfunctional, with emotional and physical abuse on the rise each year. Traditional values and religion fail to answer the questions modern Japanese are asking about their own existence. The majority of Japanese young people believe they have little chance for happiness in life.
We believe that Jesus Christ is waiting to bless these people, and that a personal relationship with Him will bring True Life to the nation of Japan. It is our desire that through our witness and work the entire nation of Japan will be transformed by the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • What exactly do we do in Japan?
We are “church planting associates”. Asian Access missionaries work alongside visionary Japanese pastors and congregations to help plant new churches throughout Japan. 
We serve under the leadership of a Japanese pastor in 2 main capacities: connecting the community to the Church, and acting as catalysts for evangelism for the current congregation. 
  • How is this work funded?
Our mission is funded through the generous donations of churches and individuals throughout North America. Financial supporters make monthly, and one-time, contributions which allow us to engage in pioneer ministry in Japan. By pioneer, we refer to our mission planting churches in locations where there are few, or no, churches.
We receive a set ’salary’ from the mission that covers our financial needs. This salary is consistent, and is not based on the amount of monthly gifts we receive. However, in a given year, we are responsible for raising the total of our support needs.
Our current support needs are approximately $5,900 per month. We recognize this is a high figure, but please know this represents all our support needs, not our ‘take home’ pay. Included in this figure are administrative costs (10%), mission expansion (2%), health care, retirement, US social security taxes, Japanese income taxes, newsletters, and other expenses. (The administrative costs of 10% are well worth the investment. There is no way we could minister as effectively as we do without the support of our mission.)
You can trust both us and Asian Access to be fiscally responsible with all gifts. Asian Access is a charter member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. 
  • Why do we raise financial support?
A question we are commonly asked is why we need to raise money in the first place. For example, why don’t we get a job in the Japanese corporate world and fund ourselves? It is a good question which we don’t mind answering. We believe God has called us to Japan specifically to help foster a church planting movement and develop national leadership. It would be impossible for Stephen to hold a typical Japanese 50+ hour/week position and remain faithful to this call. Would we be able to be involved in a local church? Yes, but we would not be able to church plant, nor invest in leadership on a deeper level. Raising support allows us the mobility needed to be available to the Japanese church as it grows and develops. 
  • How you can become a financial partner.
If you believe the Lord is leading you to give to this ministry, than joining our financial support team is a simple process.

Follow the link below to the secure SIM giving page. From there you can choose to make a one time, or reocuring gift. 

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