Tuesday, February 16, 2010

from across the ocean

We just returned from a weekend at Hume Lake Christian Camp with our highschoolers. I hope to post a video or maybe some pictures soon. But for now I wanted to share a quick story on the Lord's providence. 

Over the summer one of our high school girls  decided (with her mother) to have a foreign exchange student come live with them this year. It was a really spur of the moment decision, but they felt God telling them they needed to house this girl. 
A few weeks later N showed up from Holland. N came from a Christian family (which is a rarity in post-Christian Holland), although she herself did not claim a relationship with Jesus. 

over the course of the year, N has been attending our youth group, and hanging out with our kids, and decided to come with us to winter camp. 

This weekend, Valentine's day, 2010, N made a decision to be baptized. 

I was overcome when I thought about the lengths God went to to bring her into His family. A new country, a new family, a new church, and a trip to camp. What a beautiful story this girl has. What a testimony to the love of our Lord!

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