Friday, September 12, 2008

Major accomplishments and minor snaffoos

After much work, then getting bussy, then more work, then getting bussier, Stephen and I have finally mailed in our completed Church Planting Associate Applications. I let myself be a bit later than normal to work to get what I thought were the last few details sorted out on my appliation. As I was putting it in the envelope I noticed it still needed a picture. Shoot. I was sure I'd find somthing later, so I ran off to work.
I was so excited to hear that Stephen found pictures of both of us to attatch to the applications, and then sent them off in the mail.

It feels so good to have that off in the mail.

Now for the minor Snaffoo.
I remembered I needed to get a Transcript of my College, and Pacific is being well... ummm.... quite frustrating.

I just have to keep chanting my new montra "All in God's Time."

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