Monday, April 6, 2009

It's official

Stephen and I just returned from a whirl-wind trip to southern California where we were asked to become part of the Asian Access family. We left last night, and got back about 5 minutes ago. The trip consisted of an interview, and invitation, then a few hours of next steps orientations which was referred to as "drinking from a fire hose". Although I would agree with this analogy, it was helpful to have the big picture laid out for us. Steve and I went home with a game plan, a time line, and a whole bunch of reading materials (one of which we finished on the drive home). Without remembering who is really in charge, this next step (and all the others to follow them) might begin to seem overwhelming and impossible. Praise God, that He has used these last months to be reminding us who He is and that He is faithful. Pray that we would not loose sight of who we are in God's kingdom.

1 comment:

  1. Welcome to the A2 family! Glad we got the chance to meet you in Fresno. Yes, patience is a never-ending lesson .........................
    And then things can happen so fast, you wonder if you will be able to keep up. Looking forward to seeing you over here at exactly the right time in the Lord's plan!

    Love, Gary and Barbara


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