Tuesday, August 4, 2009

supported in So Cal

Stephen and I just got back from Southern California. We had the blessing of reconnecting with family and meeting our brand new family face to face. 

It all started with a BBQ with our new A2 family. By divine providence an extra-ordinary amount of A2 alumni, staff, current missionaries, and missionary candidates we going to be in So Cal on the same weekend. So, we made the drive down to meet our new ministry family at the BBQ that was being held in honor of this freak occurrence. 
We were encouraged by warm greetings and conversations. 
Some of our A2 family

Since we realized driving all the way from Fresno to Diamond Bar just for dinner would be a bit unusual, we decided to make the most of our time down south and visit Steve's sister Jenn, and her new fiance, Jeff. It was great to hear how the Lord is working in their lives and has been providing for their needs. 

(Sorry for the lack of pictures, I kept leaving my camera in my purse. I'll post what I can steel. :P )

Our final stop was to hang out with our friends Christian and Marie and their super sweet baby. It has been awhile since we had seen either of them, and we had not been able to meet their daughter yet, so being down south gave us a good excuse. It was a joy to witness their new ministry as full time church employees. We lucked out and came down during VBS week and got to see Christian in action as Festus Augustus the "famous" shot-putter (maybe you have heard of him, cuz I sure hadn't :P ). The kids, along with Stephen and I, got a kick out of watching him ham it up in his role. 

The weekend was a whirl-wind of a vacation. And we were surprised to find out God desired to minister to us through our friends and family (we thought we were just getting a break from the valley heat). Each stop along the trip we heard different stories of God providing in ridiculously perfect ways. We were touched by the hospitality and generosity of our hosts. One more than one occasion, I found myself thanking God for such a great community of supporters that He is building around us. 

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