Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas time is Here

Christmas has come and gone and heckticly as always. In the Borba house, we celebrate 5 time (Just the two of us, Kat's Dad, Kat's Mom, Steve's Mom, and Steve's Dad), and that doesn't even include all the work, and church parties. 

After a week of celebrating it feels nice to finally be home and resting up from our vacation. 
It was great to see family. 
My sister flew home from Boston where she is attending law school. And Steve's sister drove up from Newport Beach, followed by her Fiance, who flew in two days later. 
So, I wanted to leave you with some pictures and videos of our week-o-celebration. Perhaps our last one in the states for a while. 

Kathryn's Mom's house:

Steve's Mom's house:

After opening these new hats, we started wondering if it was a sign we were going to be placed in Hokaido. :)

At Steve's cousin's house, Steve and his sister, Jen duked it out with foam bats. Ahh, siblings.

Then Kendall, challenged Jen to a battle. Don't you just love the helmet. 
The day after Christmas we headed off to the city (San Francisco) to pick Jeff up from the airport. Since, my mom lives near the city, I got to be the tour guide. 

Union square:
We walked through China Town to North Beach (think little Italy) to have lunch at the Stinking rose, a garlic restaurant. Just be thankful smell-o-vision has yet to be invented. 

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