Saturday, April 3, 2010

Damsels in Distress

Have you ever noticed that life feels a bit like a story, one that God is writing, where we are merely the supporting characters? 

I've been reading Crazy Love, by Francis Chan, and he makes this same point. God is the main character in the story, not us! It is so easy to get it backwards and think we are the hero rather than the ones being saved. But that is exactly what we are! We were prisoners of sin,  but God, who is rich in mercy, came to the enemy camp to defeat death on the cross. 

He could have stopped at that and been perfectly justified. I mean, He broke our chains and set us free, what more do we want? Only, He doesn't stop there. The story is not finished. He rescues us from the every day monsters and towers and dragons that we face everyday. 

I've been giving this idea, of God being the hero of our story, a lot of thought recently. It seems that time and time again He comes through and saves the day, yet when a new plot twist occurs I am so quick to think I have been abandoned. 

How has God been the hero of your story?

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