Friday, July 2, 2010

Be Strong, Persevere, It's a Battle out there!

Welcome to the Island of Malta. There has been a lot going on these past few days. Last week, after a storm, a man washed up on shore. His name was Paul, and he told us all about his adventures sharing the Gospel.

A week ago, we were given the chance to be storytellers in our church's VBS. The theme of the week was "Soul Surviver." Students learned to put on the full armor of God for their battle against the enemy.

Our story telling room was the "ship wreck" room, where the Apostle Paul washed ashore on his way to Prison.

In this room, the children learned how important it is to have you feet prepared with the Gospel of Peace. did you know that sandals back then had hobnails, which are like cleats, to help soldiers stand firm when there was opposition, and to get a better footing when they were advancing? I didn't until this week.
Paul told the students all of his adventures being a missionary, and stressed the importance of having God's peace prepare you to stand firm through storms, battles, and troubles.
Here he is telling about how his friends lowered him in a basket out of a window to escape his pursuers.
One of these things is not like the other...
Delilah, Samson, Paul, and Malta Girl...
I do wish my character were more recognizable, or Biblical, or had an actual name. I was an islander from Malta. Every day kids asked "who are YOU?"
"I'm Paul's friend from Malta."
One kid introduced me to his mom as "Paul's wife." That drew a puzzled look for sure.

What a great week! Thank you Deanna for asking us to be a part of this great week of ministry.

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