Thursday, September 9, 2010

Not of our Hands

There is a lesson I am forever learning. If you look back through this blog, through my journals, my prayers, it seems God is always at work in me regarding patience.

So, as always, that is what God is stirring in my life in this season.

A song has been in my head recently. It is by a band that lead worship at Hume Lake Winter Camp, 2 years ago: 1000 Generation. The first time I heard this song, I felt the singer talking to me. At that season in my life, we were still in the application phase; waiting to hear if we would be accepted as missionaries with Asian Access. And as always, my heart wanted to press the fast forward button to live in the next stage of life (which are currently in). Well, now that we are here, does it surprise you that I am ready to press the fast forward button again to be in the next phase, the being-missionaries-in-Japan phase? So, once again, the Lord has brought this song to my heart.

"Let this be not of our hands, but by your Spirit... We don't want to move with out you."

The chorus of this song reminds me that it is God who is at work. It is not us at work asking God to join us, but the other way around. And that is the way it should be. He has perfect timing, and I do not.

I want to share this song with you. (Please forgive the odd video, it's the only non-live one I could find on youtube.) If you were at winter camp this year, I hope you enjoy the memories; if you weren't, I hope this new song touches your life in a special way.

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