Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our new Friend, Sophia Toyota

Stephen and I made a new friend. Her name in Sophia Toyota. And we love her!

Ok, You've got me, Sophia Toyota is our new (to us) car. But we really do love her.
After some practice driving with the pastor's daughter, pastor's wife, and the pastor himself, the key's to their family's extra car were handed over to us to drive while we're working for their church.

Because Stephen's not covered under their auto insurance until his birthday (in two weeks), I am the only Borba allowed to drive her for the time being.

Let me tell you, driving in Japan is terrifying! In theory, it's the exact same thing as driving in the States, only on the other side of the car, and the other side of the road, and with Japanese street signs, and Japanese traffic rules. So really, it's a whole new ball game.

To date, I've driven 6 times, with no talking or radio allowed. And the whole time I am chanting reminders to myself. "Driver in the middle." " tightleft, tightleft, tightleft." " wiiiiide right, wiiiide right."

Look Ma, no hands!

Just kidding. I think there may be finger shaped indentations at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel.

But really, I was mentally prepared for all of that. So here are the top three things that have surprised be about driving in Japan.

3-The blinker and windshield wiper controls switched sides as well. It is quite funny when I try to turn on my left blinker and the wipers turn on full force in stead.

2-Everyone backs into their parking spots. EVERYONE! So far I have been blessed with the kind of spots that have two open spots facing each other. I've been pulling forward, yet there is no evidence of my lameness.

1-The center dividing line, you know the yellow line that tells you which side of the road to be on. Well here, that yellow line is WHITE. And not always solid white either! sometimes it is a white dashed line, like the kind that means both lanes of traffic go the same way, and feel free to cross over this lane into another, or possibly One-Way Road: feel free to drive on either side.

White-dashed line! Japan, why must you confuse me so?

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