Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Final Count Down

3 more days until we head to Japan. We have been running around seeing everyone and doing everything (it seems). Here are our last few days in picture diary form.

Friday 1/21 (T-8 days)
Packing up our Shipment of Boxes to Japan.
I am glad to say all 14 boxes are now on a ship heading for Japan.

Saturday 1/22 (T-7 days)

Moving Sale!
We had a pretty good turn out at our moving sale.

We were able to sell/ give away 90% of the stuff we didn't pack.
When we advertised "everything must go" we meant it. Even the dog got picked up.
Here I am with biscuit's Auntie Beth.

Sunday 1/23 (T- 6 days)
We were prayed for at church, I only have pictures of the HS group version though.

After that, we went to lunch with friends and then over to another friends house to hang out.

Surprise! Our Bible Study friends had been planning a party all along.

Monday 1/24 (T- 5 days)
(paperwork day, I'm sure you don't want to see pictures of that)

Tuesday 1/25 (T-4 days)
Had a BBQ with Stephen's friends from Modesto.

(To be continued)

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