Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2 months since the 'quake

Today marks 2 months since the great Tohoku quake.

March 11th will live forever in the minds of Japanese, especially those who have been directly affected by the tsunami that followed.

Last week, 8 people from our church went to Tohoku to take food and serve in any way they could. Together with 12 other people from the Hokkaido Christian Ministry Network (Hokkumin), they prepared meals, cleaned out peoples mud filled homes, and listened to people's stories.

When the students shared their experiences last Sunday, one theme kept emerging.

"There is still so much to be done!"

Progress has been made. The roads are reopening for non-emergency vehicles. Debris has been removed from some areas. Gasoline is no longer being rationed and hoarded. Yet, as one student commented, "it looks like the Tsunami just happened."

It will take time for Tohoku residents to go back to life as usual. One of the concerns, as reported by a church member, is that people will forget about what is still a reality for those living in the tsuamni affected area.

I am glad that our church as plans to return to the same area. I hope those they are serving will see Christ in them.

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