Sunday, June 12, 2011

What can go wrong will, and it will be hilarious!

A lot can go wrong when you invite people over for dinner. Even with the planning things to the last detail, you can always expect SOMETHING to go wrong. When it does, you can choose to let it get you down, or laugh it off. We have chosen to laugh it off.

Last Saturday, we hosted our 3rd ever, 2nd-Saturday Friends dinner party in our small Japanese apartment. As always, it was an open invitation, no RSVP required. So, as always, we had no idea how many people would show up. Somewhere between 2 and 2 hundred. Because of this, we have decided more food is better than not enough, so I made hamburgers and potato salad to feed a small army.
Earlier in the day, I posted on FB that I bought every hamburger bun package at the supermarket near my home (6 4-packs). I didn't realize that the person I had asked to pick up buns from Costco would come through. I thought they had forgotten. When they arrived carrying 3 12 packs of buns I almost fell down laughing. We may not have enough patties or sides to feed that many, but by golly there will be buns!
13 people came, and there was enough food for second (which is the BEST compliment a cook can get!) and enough buns left over to keep our church freezer stocked for the next year.

Since, I'm in charge of the food, Stephen is in charge of the entertainment. This month he planned a multilingual game of pictionary. You may remember that our church represents 4 languages: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, English. Stephen wanted to make sure everyone felt included so he spent the day before using Google Translate to make pictionary cards with 4 languages on each.
Everyone got a kick out of the game and the cards. But when one girl started to draw the picture for the card that read "Tissue," I got really confused. Why is she drawing the world? Who are those people standing on it? Where is the box of tissues?
Turns out Google Translate is not the reliable. When Stephen entered the word tissue, it gave him the word for The World Health Organization in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.
the more we played, the more reasons to double check the internet showed themselves.

Here's a short clip of the fun.

The final score!

In spite of, and because of the craziness we had a great evening. 13 guest (7 non-church members, 6 church-members) came, and everyone had fun. Many people were talking about coming next time, also. And I'm sure we'll have lots to laugh about then, too.

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