Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A little slice of Heaven

Working in a Japanese church which is half-filled with international college students has it's own unique set of challenges and rewards.

Once we think we have some aspect of the Japanese culture down, we discover that it does not translate for Korean or Chinese students. Or, that what we thought was Japanese culture isn't really, but rather Chinese culture in a Japanese church.

We eat very well each Sunday. There is no chance of getting bored with the same thing every week. Whether it's snacks, dessert, or the meal itself, we are privileged to get to try a wide variety of Asian taste treat sensations. On the flip side: we have also been exposed to some rather strange foods and food combinations.

We often aren't quite sure what language someone is speaking. Now, we usually have a pretty good guess when it's English (although you'd be surprised how many times we weren't sure), but many times I think, is that Korean, or a new word I haven't heard yet?

I often reflect on these thing, but the internationalness of our church struck me again tonight. My group this evening at mid-week prayer consisted of me and two other girls. Not one of us was from the same country. And each of us prayed for the others in our own language. Listening to their prayers, I thought, this will be just like Heaven!

I'm glad that in addition to serving the Japanese in Sapporo, we have also been blessed with many international students. Even if it means Stephen has to eat silk worm pupa.

1 comment:

  1. ^^ This will be just like Heaven!lol
    I never thought about that~but 4 people totally in diffferent languages, amazing isn't it~
    how great is the god's work!!



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