Sunday, August 21, 2011

Adventures in cooking: My first REAL lesson

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about a sample cooking class I took with S-Sensei to stretch my language and my Japanese cooking ability. I had such a great time I decided to sign up for 6 real lessons.

My first class was yesterday. And rather than ease myself into Japanese cooking gradually like a sane person would do, I learned to make udon noodles and various side dishes from scratch! Turns out everything we made was actually pretty easy to do. The most complicated part of the class was receiving instructions in Japanese. I did manage to pick up some new language concepts and words.
for example,
when your cooking instructor wants you to cut the dough in half, she says "han-bun".
when she wants it cut in quarters she says "yon-bun".
one spoon full is "ippai,"
two spoons full in "nihai".

I was very glad I retained my new words from the last class. "Mazete" is the command to stir, "guru-guru" means to turn around and around.

The other girls in the class were fun to chat with too. One of the girls kept asking me what various phrases meant in English. It was fun to share what little I could with them, since I was usually on the other end of the "how do you say this?" table.

The meal? It turned out beautifully! After we finished cooking, the other girls in the class and I sat down to enjoy the works of our hands.

How did it taste?

Can you guess?


  1. When you come back on hiatus or vacation, you must teach me! OR better yet, make a video in English and post it on FB....


  2. Great opportunities all around! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Anonymous, is not near as advantageous as I. I will trade kitten visitation for said Japanese meal.

    That's how you get it done!


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