Thursday, May 30, 2013

Just for Funsies: Toilet Paper Origami

I begrudgingly signed up for a Pinterest account last year. I, the perpetual late adopter, thought it was stupid. Like I thought Myspace was stupid. Like I thought Facebook was stupid.

Wouldn't you know it, I was wrong again. On the online pin-board I've been able to find lots of recipes to try out on family and friends (usually with pretty good results). I've also been able to get some great ideas for things to do with Jillian. I, of course, also have pinned a ridiculous number of things that made me chuckle or go "wow that's amazing" but know full well I will never actually do. So, when I saw a challenge from the Pintester to attempt one of your pins that was just gathering dust then blog about it, I knew it was up my ally. I mean, best case scenario I succeed at the pin and have a new skill. Worse case scenario I fail miserably and I still have something to post about.

I decided to try my hand at toilet paper origami. When I originally pinned it, I thought it would be a laugh to do at people's homes or in public restrooms, just for fun. I figured it's something I would never actually try to figure out unless prompted by a random internet stranger, and it's kind of Japanese... right? Well, origami is Japanese anyhow. So I'm counting it.

Here's the original post.

I thought the flower in the pot looked cool enough, yet easy enough. Yeah, not so much. Turns out there's a reason origami paper is not tissue thin. TP does NOT stay put where you fold it my friends.
Here's the photo diary of my attempt.

start with a fresh-ish roll of TP
Rip off a square to use later then fold up a square's length or so.
Fold down the end a few times to hide the scraggily edges. 

Fold the sides under to make a basket shape. 
mine ended up being pointier than I anticipated.
I also had a really hard time getting the flap to stay in place. 
Use the square you ripped off earlier to make a fan shape.
(Yes, I know. My PJ's are awesome.)
Shove the fan into the flower pot.
Try desperately to keep the edges tucked in.
Feel defeated when your "flowers" hang sadly out of the "flower pot"

Give up any hope of prettiness and mash the whole thing in your fist to make it stay folded at the creases. 

Over all, this was way to much work for so little pay off. I may try again if the mood strikes. Maybe I just need less soft TP, although that's a theory I'm not too keen to test. 

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  1. HAhahaha! Love it! Well done even if it didn't work. ;) Made me laugh!


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