Friday, December 9, 2011

5 words/phrases for winter

It's cold!

It feels like this phrase has been on repeat around our house for the past few week. (I have a feeling, it's not going to stop anytime soon. )

We've officially arrived in winter. The snow is sticking, the nights are below freezing (as are most of the days), and I've been wearing more layers than an onion!

I asked a few of my English classes to share 5 common Japanese words & phrases for winter in Hokkaido. Even if you don't live in the tundra, I hope you try them out!

1)  しばれる (Shi-ba-re-ru) : "colder than cold!"
If your freezing your behind off, try saying this phrase.

2) つらら  (tsu-ra-ra) : "Icicle."
(I've been pointing out all the tsurara I see on houses and dripping from the hoods of cars since learning this word)

3) さむいいですね! (sA-mu-i dess neh!) : "It's cold, Isn't it!" (or, "It sure is cold!")
This is equally as popular in the winter as "Atsui dess neh!" is in the summer ("it's hot, isn't it!")

4)  そうですようね!(so dess yo neh!) : "Yeah it is!"
This is used to agree with the previous sentence.

5) ゆきがふりましたね! (yu-ki ga fu-ri-ma-shta- neh!) : Literally "Snow fell, right!?" My student told me it's like pointing out the obvious. If a lot of snow fell, you would say this. (like the English equivalent of "It's really coming down out there")

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