Friday, December 23, 2011

...If Only In My Dreams

The other day I was out running errands: gifts to buy, gifts to mail, grocery lists to fill. Even though the busyness is the same no matter where you spend you Christmas, the differentness of Japan at the holidays was taking it's toll. Little things like not hearing Christmas music everywhere you go, or not seeing kids sitting on Santa's lap at the mall. Just little things, really.

So, when my errands took me into Starbucks, I had to take a short break from Christmas in Japan. The music on the speakers was the same as I always remember, the toffee-nut late tasted just like always, and the cranberry bliss-bar reminded me of good times with friends. I closed my eyes and let Japan slip away. If only for a moment, I was sitting at Riverpark, taking a break between stores. When I opened my eyes, it was Japan again, just like I'd left it, but now somehow a little more like home.

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